Since 2015, we have exclusively developed an innovative medical device with cutting-edge micro-needle technology, which is the first of its kind in South Korea. This medical device, categorized as Class 2 for direct injection of medication, allows for both minimal invasive and invasive procedures using our proprietary technology. It boasts over 30 times greater absorption efficiency compared to conventional application methods. With 5-19 hypodermic needles physically penetrating the epidermal layer, it maximizes the efficacy of the intended procedure by delivering active ingredients directly to target skin layer.

This is not just a needle

We are managed through strict quality systems in our manufacturing processes including GMP
(Good Manufacturing Practice) and the European standard ISO 13485.
We are actively involved in various projects and CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization)
businesses to expand the application of micro-needle technology into a wide range of medical and everyday life sectors.

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